Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (72) Hump Day!

Good Morning World! I promise, today I'm going to be adding stories all day long and on the go. You hear me? I'm ready to roll for a day of DDD just for you! So buckle those chin straps and come along. I have a feeling today is gonna be the best DDD ever. Like now for instance. I have to clean up for work and drive an hour (which means I will spend 25.00 today alone in gas) to a boring job with no excitement. So guess what? I'm creating excitement today. (cough cough)

Let's rock and roll. Oh, and make my day and digg my friends stuff will ya?

NBA...spelled with an asterisk David Stern's continued denial of any fixing or manipulation is insulting to fans, players and this now-'tainted' game. Time for fans to take off the blindfold and demand the truth.

Eat This, Not That : 15 Secret Restaurant Swaps The averge guy eats 100 burgers a year. The Whopper with Cheese and the Big Mac; A fair fight, right? Well, if you go for the Arch alternative, you ’ll save 220 calories over the BK behemoth. Use that strategy for every burger you eat in 2008, and you’ll save 22,000 calories—the equivalent of almost 10 pounds of body fat.

3 of the World's Most Amazing 3D Graffiti Artists [PICS]
Most people tend to think of graffiti as subversive art spray-painted in the dead of night on walls. Some artists, however, including Edgar Mueller, Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner, defy that stereotype, painting and chalking openly on city streets and sidewalks. Beyond merely entertaining crowds, their work has at times even broken world records!

OK, so we are just getting started. I'm about to get ready for work so I have to go for now. I wish I could just sit here and blog the day away but hey, I gotta get paid from somewhere ya know. I'll be back here in a couple of hours. By the way, I appreciate the comments from yesterday's DDD. Me love you long time!

The best de-motivational posters of ALL TIME Motivational Posters make the world go 'round. OK, so maybe not, but at least they are fun to look at. Here's a few to enhance your day. Enjoi!! (Updated)

The Victory Models of 2008 Victory Motorcycles, nearing its tenth birthday, is a Polaris Industries subsidiary and it is still marching on however it has a very cautious eye on what the future may hold.

Curious 'Quasiparticles' Baffle Physicists Israeli physicists have discovered bizarre 'quasiparticles' which have one quarter the charge of an electron, and may be useful in quantum computing.

Bishop Says: "If The Plumbing Don't Work, You Can't Marry" An Italian bishop has refused to marry a couple in a church service, though they are already legally married by civil ceremony, because the man is a paraplegic and impotent as a result of the injuries.

So here's an update for you. I just went to the donut shop to get some donuts and O.J. and I've made up my mind to seek different employment. Without going into many, many details, suffice it to say I'm not happy and I know when I wake up in the morning dreading to go to work, I need to find something else to make me happy. So why not use this here internets to shout out to my network and peeps I'm looking for employment? If you know of anyone that needs someone in consumer lending, or college admissions, I'll be here waiting. (yawn)Just sayin. Of course if anyone needs a writer, I can try that as well seein as how that's my true passion.

Tim Donaghy's Sense Of The Dramatic From the minute the general public learned the name Tim Donaghy, everyone has been waiting for a day like yesterday.

ECO-BRIDGE: Chicago’s New Harborside Green Space Chicago is moving towards their new moniker with another sustainable initiative, the Eco-Bridge, adding yet one more reason for other urban leaders to follow in its lighter footsteps. The proposed Eco-Bridge will serve as a breakwater in the Monroe Harbor and create recreational space for residents and visitor

This might be the post of the day:
10 Most Awesome Party Island Hot Spots Maybe you're seeking a great stretch of powdery white sand where you can lounge with a book and get some much deserved rest this summer? If that's the case then you'll have to look elsewhere because there's no resting on any of these party islands!

No, wait! THIS might be the post of the day!!
Censor Bar Art The censor guy had to work overtime on this.

Realistic fairy tales
Join Sleet White and her Seven dwarfs Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Worthless, Felony, Battery, and Crappy as they deal with real world issues and realize that life is not one big fairy tale.

Study Finds Instant Messaging Helps Productivity The results of a recently published study of workers' instant messaging (IM) use shows that IM can actually improve workplace productivity. This contradicts a widely held belief that IM in the workplace is a hindrance to productivity.

How To Fail Five Road Tests You know you've hated driving instructors. This is a hilarious video of making them hate YOU!

Tip of the Tongue: Street Quiz For those who saw and dugg the "Tip of the Tongue Learning" story submitted earlier, here's a link to a bonus video of their "man on the street" quiz for that story. Also has a list of all the questions used in the actual study.

How NOT to Heckle!

So there you go Digg friends. Unless the earth stops rotating, that might be all for today. But wait, you never know, I might slide another story in here before quitting time. Either way, this has been fun today. I got to take out some frustrations out on this keyboard. Now, in order for my spirits to remain high, shout the DDD to the high heavens. I'm still trying to make the front page with one of these. And guess what? If the DDD goes to the front page, so do YOU!

Most of us who had going-off-to-college parties usually had some dinner with family, maybe a house party with friends, and maybe, if we're lucky, our parents would finally relent and spring for Coors Light party ball to build up our alcohol tolerance enough before we begin five years of chronic binge-drinking.

One proud papa, whose son is headed off to the University of Florida, really wants his going away party to be memorable and visually stimulating for his guests. Courtesy of Sports Oasis (via EDSBS) comes this ad from Craig's List:

I need 4 ladies who don't mind wearing body paint for my sons going off to College Party. There will be a University of Florida theme so you will have UF football uniforms professionally airbrushed on your upper body but you will be wearing blue boy shorts. You will be compensated $100 per hour for serving drinks and finger foods plus any tips you receive. I will take care of the rest, your shorts, meals & transportation if needed. If you are interested please contact me at and please include photos that demonstrate your figure so I can determine if you have the right look for the party, thanks.

Of course, the original ad has been removed by Craig's List (maybe it was the metrofilmz email address?), but at least the original ad is still intact courtesy of the blogosphere. Nobody should deprive a young man (and his father!) of having a troop of "professionally" airbrushed ladies parade around in boy shorts serving finger food before he heads off to college.

And, seriously, Sterger? You can change allegiances for an afternoon. It's a quick $400 in your pocket.

Pesticide failure blamed for declining bee population Pesticides designed to protect honeybees are losing their effectiveness, say agricultural researchers, leading to a second year in a row of heavy colony losses across Canada

Thieves Boost Giants Super Bowl Rings If you see a decidedly un-athletic-looking character parading around town with a Giants Super Bowl ring — and it's not Eli Manning — then please call your local authorities immediately.


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