Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Digg Challenged, Do I Get a Special Parking Space?

Fellow Digg Members,

I have sad news to bring you this evening. I have to admit to you that I am now Digg challenged. Let me explain.

I'm sure alot of you experienced Diggers are familiar with the site that lets you see who all is digging your submissions. Here is the link, but don't expect it to work:

This is now Day 2 of this site being down. I don't have any way of knowing a few important details on Digg. Like, A) Who is digging my submissions, and B) the people who are digging my stories, I don't know all of their submissions.
Tomorrow is Day 3 without this site working so I know alot of my friends are wondering why I have dropped off from digging their stories. I feel so lost, so damaged, so stupid. I wonder if Mr. Babyman had anything to do with this? I wonder if there is a conspiracy theory here? I mean I was making strides to catch him. (2400 popular stories to my 70). Great. Of all of the necessary tools to lose, I had to lose this tool. (I wonder if they make Viagra for Digg?)

Now, because of the loss of this miracle tool, I'll slowly sink back into the patch of average Diggers and become unknown again. Maybe I should delete my picture as well and become really plain. I have an idea! I'll get rid of my avatar and ask to be everyone's friend and send shouts every 5 minutes and not digg anything!

I knew there was a solution if I thought about it long enough. Or, we might could start a petition and beg that site to get it up and running so some kind of normalcy returns to Digg. Who's with me??

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