Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (81) TGIF!

NOTE as of 10: 00 Central time Friday.
Well, it apprears Digg has once again thrown the switch on me. Digg will no longer accept entries from the Pony Express Blog. It seems someone complained it was spam. Since Someone out there is claimming the Pony Express is submitting spam, I have in turn stopped accepting Diggs from anyone. What I will do is continue to post good Digg links to this blog, but I will not be able to submit it to Digg, which means I won't get any diggs for the DDD any longer. That's ok with me, the DDD never made it to the front page anyways. It seems funny to me though that Digg wants to go out of their way to limit my freedom of speech. This is twice in the same week they are trying to put a muzzle on my speech, but you know what? They can't. I will continue to post what I want, and say what I want, anytime I want. The bad thing about bulletin boards and websites are people who get what I call the "Napolian Syndrome" and think they can control my speech. I guess they get off on it. But, we continue to write to our heart's desire.

Yay!!! It's Friday!!!!!
Lot's to talk about and see today.

I first want to discuss the website tool for Diggers called TINC. It's a great tool for organizing, and staying up to date with your friends digg activity. If you haven't used this tool, you might want to consider it. To begin with, put in your digg user name and voila! You can see who is digging your submissions. I usually go from top to bottom selecting my friends one-by one. Let's say for example that friend #1 has dugg 10 of my last 10 submissions, I click on that friend and see I have only dugg 9 of theirs. I go to the left and click on the top submission and there is the story I need to digg. The results won't show I dugg it until I get all the way out of the program and come back in. It's my theory that most of the top diggers use this tool to stay organized. It's one of the reasons this important part of digg is essential. You have to digg your friends submissions to expect your stories to be dugg as well.

Let's see what shouts we have going on. I looked at Thursday's DDD and quite a few of the submissions I highlighted went front page. Congrats to you that had popular stories.

Windows 7; Successor of Windows Vista, to be released 2010 — Turns out Microsoft is releasing a new operating system, which is going to be controlled by a touch screen! I personally think this is a bad idea, check the video out for yourself!

WATCH THIS: "Dumpster Muffin" Tempts Fate In Treetop Perch — High in her treetop perch on the UC Berkeley campus, protester "Dumpster Muffin" tempts fate by shaking and rocking an unstable and precariously-placed structure that's at least 50 feet above ground.

Climate Change first noticed 1827 — Would you believe we first hear mention of this concept in 1827 1827: French polymath Jean-Baptiste Fourier predicts an atmospheric effect keeping the Earth warmer than it would otherwise be. He is the first to use a greenhouse analogy.These results are far worse than anything previously predicted.

The Smaller the Better, Automakers Are Finding — The demand for fuel-efficient small cars and hybrids is so fierce that automakers cannot produce them fast enough.

Turn it Down! Bringing Down the Volume of Loud TV Ads — "Excessively loud television commercials are annoying and drive families away from quality programming," Wicker said in a news release. "This bill is a common sense approach to a problem that plagues individuals across the nation and will create a more enjoyable television experience. The bill has companion legislation introduced.

OK, please remember this in an on-going blog, which means it's updated continuously through out the day. Check back in the morning for more links. I'm gonna go to bed.

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