Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (80) Thursday

Hello, and good morning all.
I do some of my best thinking while I'm driving to work. The creative juices really flow as I trek the one hour to work and drinking my cuppa coffee. I think about some great ideas for the DDD and think about the first video of the day. Lot's of times by the time I get to work, all that artistic thinking and ways to write that day's DDD are long forgotten and it's frustrating. Let's try to muck through it on a rainy Thursday morning in Dallas - Fort Worth.

Dive in to The Bermuda Triangle [A Discovery Feature] — What are the biggest mysteries kept by the 1.5 million square miles of Atlantic we call the "Bermuda Triangle"? Take an interactive tour.

Female Agents Trailer — Female Agents is a thrilling wartime adventure by Jean-Paul Salome based on real events and people to construct a spy thriller set in the final months of one of the most terrible conflicts in human history.
(LewP Note: It's fun to see a submission that will go popular, and I was the 2nd digger to digg it)

As you may or may not know, my work computer is incredibly slow. I could get my mail changed and delivered in the length of time it takes my sorry work computer to crunch. Please bear with me. So, I've posted just a few items this morning and I'm looking for more interesting finds from you. Please digg the submissions here, and send me some shouts. Please be sure and check back here regularly, as I can't inform anyone what submissions are published here. You just have to check throughout the day as this is an on-going blog. Thanks for reading and send me shouts.

Google Docs Offline :Get your documents whenever, wherever — Concerned about storing documents online because you can't get them offline?No worries, now Google Docs works offline:Edit your documents and view your presentations.Changes are saved offline and sync automatically.Get your documents whenever, wherever !!!(LewP Note: I wish that the upload of MSWord to Google Docs was larger)

WATCH THIS: "Dumpster Muffin" Tempts Fate In Treetop Perch watch! — High in her treetop perch on the UC Berkeley campus, protester "Dumpster Muffin" tempts fate by shaking and rocking an unstable and precariously-placed structure that's at least 50 feet above ground.

Floods Get Worse, but Geeks Save Midwest With 3D! — The Mississippi River continues to pound away at Illinois levees as the worst floods in years crash into Missouri. It ’s there that a team of St. Louis scientists has strung together high-end DLP projectors, strapped on their 3D glasses and set out to tell Americans where not to risk it next time.

Fat Chick kicked out of KFC — If you think that the Colonel has got it going on, then you should see this manager kick this b!tch out.

Great, I shouted the DDD to about 100 friends, and then added three people which messed up my order of friends I was originally shouting. So, not to shout the same people again, please share this with all of your friends. Thanks

Is Virtual Child Porn Protected Speech? — Where does free speech end and child pornography begin?

Alert!!!! I'm getting notification there is a "scheduled outage" at for Blogger at 2:00 PM PST...Please be advised. Thanks...and I don't know why this has to happen in the middle of the day...just sayin.

Awwwww hell, let's make it a double shot of Eagles, one of my favorite all-time groups!

Well there you have it. Today's DDD. It's about 4:40 and 10 minutes from quitting time. Out of almost 400 "friends", 50 something people dugg my DDD. Thanks to all that dugg it. For the rest of my "friends" that didn't digg it, thanks for adding me as a friend. Are we having fun yet, or is this just another exercise in futility?

See you later.

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