Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (73) Thursday

Good morning, good day everyone,

Time once again for another DDD. For all of our new readers, the purpose of the DDD is to have fun, shout some great submissions that I think have a good chance of going front page and to highlight great friends' submissions. We throw in some cool vids along with it and the neat thing is, we do it all day long. So send me some shouts and let's see if it makes the DDD. So let's get right to some good submissions.

This Warehouse Has Transformed Into A Musical Instrument! In the cavernous, 9,000 square foot Great Hall of the former lower Manhattan ferry terminal, sits the man who once sang about 'Burning down the House'. David Byrne, sits behind an antique organ that acts as the control station for the musical instrument.

How To Ask a Woman Out on a Date whether your a man or a woman your going to want to check this out

I'm Digg Challenged, Do I Get a Special Parking Space? Fellow Digg Members, I have sad news to bring you this evening. I have to admit to you that I am now Digg challenged. Let me explain.

5 Things That Didn’t Kill Gaming As We Know It Wii Fit has become hardcore gaming's public enemy number one. But hasn't the video game industry survived worse?

Thought of the Day well everything stated is true... all of it every word.. you know it is...

So there you have the first batch of submissions. Time for me to get ready for work, and as usual,I'll see you on the flip side with plenty of more!

Let's get this party going for today..all day baby!

Choosing the Appropriate Football Equipment As we all already know, for many players out there, football is their favorite past time. Within the football player ’s life, football equipment is considered to be an essential aspect.

Here's a great example of what will drive a Digger crazy.
Divers battled Komodo dragon before rescue — JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- Five Europeans rescued Saturday after an Indonesia diving trip went wrong had to fight off a Komodo dragon while they were waiting to be found, according to reports.
The story sat there all day and probably finished the 24 hour period with about 85 Diggs if I remember correctly and not even close to the front page. And then just now I see this story submission:
The Terrifying Truth about Komodo Dragons — Rinca Island in Indonesia - This Komodo dragon-infested spot is where three British divers who got caught in a rip tide washed up last week.
The story was submitted 10 hours ago and made popular over an hour ago. Where were these people when MY story was submitted last week??? Nothing against my friend domfosnz, because he's just submitting a story, but it does show you how frustrating it can be when it comes to trying to make the front page.

6 Ex-Conflict Countries Worth Visiting You'll probably have seen these countries on the news over the years, but for all the wrong reasons. Now post-conflict and on the road to recovery, they're topping the list of must-see destinations for cutting edge globetrotters.

Milton Bradley Chases TV Announcer After Game Milton Bradley stormed out of the Texas Rangers clubhouse after an 11-5 victory Wednesday night over Kansas City and bounded up four flights of stairs looking for Royals television announcer Ryan Lefebvre.

Dominican Senators paid more than POTUS Dominican Senators pay themselves US$60,000 per month (out of the people ’s coffers) while the average Dominican family takes home about US$240. Becoming a corrupt politician represents one of the fastests ways out of poverty.

How Much Is Your Blog Worth? Ever sit back and wonder what your blog would be worth if you decided to give it all up and just sell it. Check this cool little quiz out.. It is actually pretty good.

Pondering Probiotics What if, rather than conferring a benefit to the digestive tract, probiotics worked by slowing the pace of bacterial die-off in organs near the gut, or even in other areas of the gut itself?

I Almost Killed You....SORRY! At least he used his manners. His mom must have been in the car.

Urban Soccer II This guy has some serious skills. I'm wondering how many of those he did on the first take. Some of those had to be first takes unless the other people were in on it. Anyway, if you missed the first video then look below the 2nd. Enjoy!

Does Every 15 Minutes Scare Kids “To Death”? Can you be scared straight into sobriety? If not that, can you be scared into refraining from driving drunk ?

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