Monday, June 9, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (70) Monday

Howdy all, G'day mates, welcome any and all aliens from Mars if that's the case.

Time for a brand new week of life as we know it.
Before we get to today's shouts, I saw this article from today's Dallas Morning News that sounds like might give you some help for dinner. Some of these dishes actually sound pretty good.

One of the things I strive to do here on the DDD is help friends get their submissions dugg. One of the reason's I started the DDD was to sort of "re-pay" my friends for putting up with my many shouts during the day.
I'm going to put my friend Manzplan as the first submission on here today. You tell me if he sounds a little frustrated with people who shout, but don't digg submissions.

How LOST is making people smarter... DIGG.... raise your IQ 2 points.. watch LOST...
there are 2 or 3 of my friends who send loads of shouts daily and have not dugg one thing of mine.. I would appreciate some diggs, but understand that you cannot digg them all.. and may not like them all that is cool.. but if you are NEVER going to digg anything people send.. and only send shouts out.. I want to tell you.. NOBODY appreciates this... sorry if I offended good digging friends.. that is not the intent. have great week...

One of the most frustrating things on Digg are "friends" who shout, but don't digg. I want to welcome the newcomers to Digg, but Manzplan hit the nail on the head. If you don't digg, but just shout all day, don't expect to have many friends. And then all you are left with is a really cool story that is very newsworthy with 2 diggs.

So what kind of shouts do we have today that have a good chance of going front page? Let's have a look.

California still arguing over Medical Marijuana in court It's counties against state again in appeal of medical marijuana law suit. Lawyers for San Diego and San Bernardino counties will argue that the state cannot force counties to issue identification cards to qualified medical marijuana patients because the drug is illegal under federal law.

Watch Your Girl Around These Guys I would put Tom Brady at No. 1 on this list, but that's probably my hatred for the Patriots showing through more than anything else.

How I Met My Wife on Plurk It was back when I was just a wee nipper in the prehistoric days of dial-up, actually quite a few years ago. My co-worker had created his own blog, and he was eventually able to quit his job. I wanted to be just like him, to be able to live off of my own entrepreneurial success was my newly acquired dream.

Aussie animals So you thought Australian animals were all cute and funny … But they do have an evil side… Truly they do… watch this footage of Aussie Animals behaving badly… you will see what I mean… enjoy

Nanotool Market Projected to Explode Over Next Five Years Nanotools accounted for 12.8% of the market in 2007. Nanotools, which include the nanolithographic tools used to produce the next generation of semiconductors, are projected to grow at a much faster rate than nanomaterials.

Meteorite Yields Clues To Origin Of Life On Earth Scientists say that "bubbles" like those in a one meteorite may have helped along chemical processes important for the emergence of life. These hollow spheres could have provided a protective envelope for the raw organic molecules needed for life, scientists said.

Gov. Mistake Could Cost Taxpayers Billions in Oil Money The General Accountability Office released a report on June 5, 2008 that computed that the US Treasury may have to forgo oil royalty payments in excess of $53 Billion over the next 25 years because of an error made by the Interior Department. Here is what happened...

Finding Employment: Tricks of the Trade So, you need a new job or just a job period? Maybe I can help. I help people find employment for a living. It's my job to find people jobs.

3 surefire ways to waste gas I have been reading an awful lot of stories regarding two wheeled motorcycles or scooters as a better way to deal with the high gas prices. I total disagree after all its only money right? Here are 3 simples steps that you can follow to waste as much gas as possible when riding a motorcycle.

So there you have the first wave of submissions for the DDD today. Check back during the day, and maybe I will have added more. Happy Digging!


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