Saturday, June 7, 2008

An Al Queda Theory on U.S. Economics

I'm about to write about a theory. It's just a thought that swirls in the back of my mind, sort of like a grassy knoll theory.

If I were Osama Bin Laden and I was holed up in a cave in Iraq or a hotel in Atlanta, I would be wondering how to hit America the hardest again. It's no secret he and the rest of his radical Muslims hate America and the root cause is basic. We have more stuff than they do. He can claim it's about religion, but he hates living in a cave. The reason Al Queda went after the World Trade Center in 2001 is because it represented money. Money for the world. Money for everyone but him and his suicidal nuts.

Not only did we learn alot from 9/11 like security at airports, how to sniff out bombs, how to make buildings safer, I imagine Bin Laden learned alot as well. I would think Bin Laden would think of a more subtle way to harm America than flying in to tall buildings. That's what we in the U.S. are trying to guard against. But as any strategist will tell you, in order to be victorious in battle, you have to be where the enemy doesn't suspect you will be. It's called stealth.

Today is June 7, 2009. How does it feel to pay 4.00 for a gallon of gas? I don't know about you, but it pisses me off to know that someone in the Mideast has that much control over my Saturday morning coffee. Is that person a Muslim too? Oh wait, we have to be politically correct don't we? OK, is that person controlling the oil pipeline in the mid-east an Al Queda sympathizer? Does he talk to Bin Laden? Has the U.S. run a background check on the people that control the cost of oil like we have to stand in line to catch a plane?

How long are we going to wait to do something about the cost of oil? What is our plan (if any) to put a plan into effect? What are our leaders thinking? Tell us, what is the damn plan here? Are we just going to wait until gas hits 10.00 a gallon? WHAT IS THE PLAN???? Maybe we don't have a plan. It's an election year, so maybe we just wait and let the new administration deal with it. What a crock of crap that would be.

Meanwhile, I imagine Bin laden is laughing all the way to the bank. I mean if my theory is correct, surely he's getting a piece of the pie right? Think about it. America is doing nothing but waving our arms in a pool of quicksand. Nothing is being done about the cost of oil.

Here's a question. Why are the oil wells in Texas not pumping when the cost of oil keeps rising? Doesn't supply and demand mean the cost of oil going up means their is a shortage? Isn't that macro economics? If that is the case, why aren't U.S. oil wells pumping oil then? Because there is no shortage of oil. The reason the cost of oil is rising is because someone in the Mid east wants to see us squirm more at the gas pump. They think it's doubly funny. They get richer, and we get poorer. They laugh twice as hard, and bin Laden gets another direct deposit in the bank.

I don't know the answers, I just know the questions. I'm not paid to make national decisions, but I know who is.

I am in the process of writing all of my elected officials for whatever good it will do. I'm going to ask them to not quit on this country until the new administration comes in in January. If we wait that long, gas may indeed be 10.00 per gallon. I would encourage you to write as well. I'm telling you fellow Americans this: My theory may be totally way off base, but I think we can agree the cost of oil and gas is way too much money.

Let's start writing!


Paul said...

Actually, oil is still being pumped in Texas. If you read Peak Oil theory, it's because most of the Texas oil production peaked long ago. However, pumping has increased in the past year.

Same as in California, where oil extraction is slower and less. Only in the past year have dormant oil wells been turned back on - because oil prices now make it economically feasible to develop wells in California again.

It's all about cost. Over in Saudi Arabia, it's profitable to pump when oil is $20 per barrel because the fields are so vast they can use gigantic pumps clustered together, with high volume. Here, it's probably not profitable until oil is $100 per barrel because pumps here in the U.S. tends to be small, spread all over the place, and with low volume.

I think you need to do more research before coming to conclusions. It's that kind of bad thinking that leads to bad politics and bad presidential candidates making it into office.

LewP said...

Thanks for the response Paul. I liked it all until the last paragraph. Let me ask you then, since you apparantly have done YOUR research, and since you seemingly know the secret answer to the problem, how come we are record prices for a gallon of gas? And oh by the way, maybe you didn't understand the 1st sentence of this thing. I said it was a possible in, it may not be the case....I hate people that want to argue about something that I throw out as a free thought. I wish you would put down your eagerness to argue and allow more freedom of thoughts and ideas.