Saturday, May 24, 2008

Families of Slain Soldiers Bond Together to Bind Their Wounds


Daniel Markham, 1, kisses his father's gravestone. His mother, Stacey, had taken him with her to DFW National Cemetery to commemorate her and her husband's third wedding anniversary.

"Stacey, what do you see?" Sergeant Jonathan Markham asked his wife.

He stopped the white Volvo. It was a sunny December day in 2006, and they'd been driving through Burleson as he prepared to finish his second Iraq tour after two weeks of leave. Stacey looked out the window at the clear sky and leafless trees. A petite brunette with dimpled cheeks and a soft girlish voice, she said nothing. Her eyes welled with tears.

The couple called them her premonitions. In the two years since Jonathan had strewn rose petals on her snow-covered doorstep and given her a ring engraved with the words, "True love waits," he had come to accept the images that occasionally popped into his wife's mind.


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