Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (78) Tuesday

Good morning friends.

I'm a little bit behind already this morning. Today's edition of the DDD may be somewhat on the go today. My accout was banned yesterday afternoon and was finally reactivated late last night. Someone had complained about my comments "submitted to today's DDD" and digg viewed it as spam and banned my account for awhile, but I'm back now. So going forward, you guys are just going to have to view my blog or whatever to find out if your submission made the DDD, because I am not going to be able to just, you know, come out and tell you if it has or not.

So let's see what we have today. Oh Kate, by the way, the TINC site is up and running!

Today is Firefox 3 Download Day (June 17th) Join mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours! Review: Firefox 3 Versus Internet Explorer firefox, firefox 3, firefox 3 final, firefox 3 download day, mozilla ,firefox 3 release date

Paparrazzi and Publicists
Hysterical take on the female role models of today!!!

Best sex positions Are you in the mood today? Wanna make your girl scream with pleasure? Well, if yes then think something different from the conventional ways. Try out some new sex positions. The simple change will take her pleasure to a higher level and of course when she is turned on more you will also have a more enjoyable sexual intercourse.

OK, so there is a start to today's DDD. I have to go back to the drawing board as I had about 3 submissions on the way to the front page that are now buried due to the interuption of my account. And thanks to all of you for your support during this time. Remember, please digg and shout and tell everyone about the DDD. I can't. Thanks and have a great day. Oh, and wouldn 't it be nice if this edition of the DDD went front page? (smile) Digg did tell me they are going to be cough, watching me, cough.

7 Beautiful But Completely Uninhabited Islands & Arcipelagos Despite the overcrowding of urban areas, there are still plenty of places right here on this planet that are uninhabited and isolated. If you've ever daydreamed about taking refuge on a deserted island, the following seven islands are a good place to start your search for tranquility.

Dancing With Our Own Stars briancuban.com — You Don't Have To Be Mark Cuban to "Dance With The Stars"
(Note from LewP) Is there any doubt that Brian isn't a good guy? I mean, here he is facing some serious fears all in the name of some homeless pets. Bravo, what a guy.

Judge halts Ameritrade's lawyer-friendly data-breach deal networkworld.com — Big reason: Plaintiff's lawyers would get almost $2 million while the class-action plaintiffs, among 6.2 million individuals whose personal info was exposed by TD Ameritrade's carelessness, would get a year's worth of free (after rebate) antispam service. Even by class-action standards, the judge is finding this one hard to swallow.

Women....A Break.com View
WOMEN CAN'T... (I still haven't figured out what the woman was thinking with that pressure washer.)

Internet Relationships, do they work? socyberty.com — Yup, I met my wife on the internet, in a CBS chat room for The Amazing Race. I was "foot" she was "Canadian_Fan"... the rest is history... They can work.

WWI Dance and Costume Contest Sign Ups Open Now These two contests, Dance and Cosume Contests were announce back in May and the Sign Ups are open till June 20. The contest will take place June 28th. Also, the Fan Art and Machinima contests deadline was extended till June 18th.

Web sites for the apocalypse (slideshow) networkworld.com — Imagine a future apocalyptic world in which the Internet and all computer technology has been destroyed. Imagine you had the forethought to print out and save the content from the Web's most important sites, safeguarding the pages in a nuclear bomb shelter. Which would you save? Here is one man's list.

17 dominoes balanced on 1 upright domino ARE U KIDDING ME!? Learn how to do this awesome balancing trick using domino stones. Watch as 17 dominoes are balanced all one a single stone.

The 6 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World. The first one I am sure you are expecting... the last 4 you probably aren't.

Top 30+ Vista tweaks, tricks, and hacks Vista: Tweaked, Tuned, and Hacked presents over 30 nifty tweaks and tricks to make Vista run better, faster, and less annoying. Learn how to boot faster, get rid of annoying prompts, customize your bootscreen, activate the hidden "super-admin" account, and even use YOUR video clips as an animated wallpaper (no third-party apps needed!)

Well there you have it. Today's DDD. Thanks to everyone who checked it out and dugg it. See you tomorrow!

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