Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (75) Saturday

Good Saturday morning all.
Today I will be on again - off again as I try to get some things acomplished around the house. I have some ideas I'm working on to help this Digg social network and if it works, I think you are going to like it. More on that later.

I have a semi-solution to a new way to digg friends' submissions. If you are actually reading this post, you can see on the right there, a widget from Digg that allows you to see what I have submitted to Digg. I would suggest you get one of these widgets so your friends can go to your blog or whatever and digg your last 10 submissions. I think it's the best tool going since the TINC site has been down for several days.

So what did you guys shout me over-night? Lets have a look.

NASA Launches an Orbiting Mystery-Solver — A new space telescope designed to keep vigil on the most violent and energetic objects in the universe took wing Wednesday.

The Truth About Edward Norton vs. Marvel Studios — "Okay, you ’ve heard the rumors of the behind-the-scenes battle between Marvel and star Edward Norton over The Incredible Hulk. I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me to explain what exactly happened. Here is what I know/have heard or gathered..."

If Digg was a Woman Would You Marry Her and is She Single — Humor piece about a man in love with Digg. i thought it was funny.

8-day undersea mission to restore coral reefs begins — Scientists have begun an eight-day mission, in which they are living and working at 60 feet below the sea surface, to determine why some species of coral colonies survive transplanting after a disturbance, such as a storm, while other colonies die. Coral reefs worldwide are suffering from the combined effects of hurricanes, global warming [more]

Stem-cell treatment helps restore eye-sight — Six blind patients have had their eye-sight restored after undergoing pioneering stem cell transplants.

The Five Best Ways To Steal Gas...And One Really Bad Way — Come on, admit it. The last time you put $75 of gas into your Camry, this crossed your mind. Like any other commodity, it's easier to steal gas than it is to pay for it. So if you're looking for a way — totally for informational purposes, of course — here's five of the best — and a really bad one — to do it:

So there is the start of the morning's submissions. Remember, we will be updating the DDD continuously all day so be sure and check back. And also, please digg the submissions here. Thanks and see you later.

7 Things You Must Understand Before Achieving Digg Zen — Diggs: Get Some There are plenty of obstacles you need to figure out how to jump over, and duck under in order to get your article recognized by other digg users.

Are We Living In A Defacto Monarchy? — Alexandre Dumas and his character, Edmond Dant ├Ęs, the wrongfully imprisoned protagonist of The Count of Monte Cristo would be happy to know that order has finally been restored to the world and the U.S Constitution.

(NOTE from LewP) I am submitting this next submission to advise you the readers how stupid and heinous some people are. I hate to see this, much less acknowledge it even exists. The reason I am even posting this is to let my friends know about it. Today's class: hating Jews 101 — Curriculum review finds Islamic schools in America breeding anti-Semitism! Why should this be a surprise. We have been inviting Islamic radicals into our country for many years now. Now it will be a matter of time before this all explodes up in America. jun12,0,2423744.story

OK, I'm baaaaack with more submissions:

America's kids are soft — Great post by sogeshirts on why America's youth are "soft".

I just got back from getting my girlfriend's new VW Beetle's windows tinted. It was a two hour job (A VW is mostly windows..lolol) and it was pretty labor intensive. I got a chance to sit down and talk to the shop owner who happens to be Muslim. A Muslim who actually lived in Jerusalem. (I was shocked and didn't realize there are Arabic people living in Jerusalem. Shows how ignorant I am.) At any rate, I hope to do a story later about our conversation about the Arab VS. Jew issue. Let me just say Sammi gave me hope about the world and the relationships between different people.

Explorers find 1780 British warship in Lake Ontario A 22-gun British warship that sank during the American Revolution and has long been regarded as one of the "Holy Grail" shipwrecks in the Great Lakes has been discovered at the bottom of Lake Ontario, astonishingly well-preserved in the cold, deep water, explorers announced Friday.

By the way, do any of you have diggers following you around and burying your submissions? Here's one of those people:
He is the type of person that well, has 6 submissions and 0 popular and it makes him mad I guess. All he does is track people around and buries stuff. So just fyi if there's anyone out there that knows how to handle these type folks, be my guest.

You can verify this yourself by looking at the upcoming submissions. This DDD is already buried. How do I know it's this guy? Because of his goofy and rude comments.
What he doesn't understand is I like writing and don't care if anything moves to the front page or not. That's not ever going to change.

So there you have if my friends. Today's edition of the DDD. Thanks for taking the time to read and digg it. Check back tomorrow for another DDD. Have a great evening!

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