Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (71) Tuesday

Video NSFW<
Thanks to Jacob G. for the Full Metal Jacket idea. lol

Good morning fellow Diggers!
It's somewhat overcast after some overnight rain. Not much rain, but it's cooler than normal for a June day in Texas. I really don't know where to start but I had an idea of possibly doing a YouTube very soon and reporting from my work. Nothing fancy but to give you an idea of my morning routine when I first get to the office.

As I was driving to work this morning, I got to thinking how we Diggers shun new friends or new fans. I have to admit that I think there is something that can be improved with Digg in that regard. Because of the shout feature on Digg, we can only shout 200 Friends at one time (that's assuming the friend is accepting shouts). So the natural tendency is for established Digg users that have their 200 friends to not accept new people as friends. I don't like that. Being the type of person I am, I want to include any and all fans as friends. There may be another Brian Cuban out there. So my thing is, I would rather have friends than be able to shout my submissions. So I'm going to extend my hand in friendship to any and all fans. But it also means you must digg my shouts if you expect me to digg yours. Trust me, I will be monitoring that too. I don't have time for one-way friendships. To my current friends, continue to shout me and I'll continue to shout your stories. No worries.

Now, let's see what shouts we have today.

Big news I think. There is a new search engine among us!
New Search Engine Goes Live Just Now! The new search engine Viewzi just went public to the general public.

How The Brain Can Protect Against Cancer Scientists have been aware for many years that if cancer patients are not able to deal with the stress associated with being sick, the cancer will progress faster than in calmer patients.To counteract this phenomenon, physicians encourage treatments that help cancer patients handle their stress. (Updated)

Tallying the Toll on an Elder of the Sea The loss of the horseshoe crab would be tragic, researchers say, because so many contemporary life forms depend on them.

The Hunger Site Feed A Child With Just A Click. Come on, how hard can it be. Maybe one less click on Digg in order to feed a starving child.

Here's a spotlight on a new friends:
Birkenstock Launch Roller-Sandals!? Latest Images here! Birkenstock have recently announced their new range of extreme models, including the BirkRoller for the rollerskate lovers out there and BirkBinding for the extreme snowboarding crowd...

Best Typeface for 2008 PF Centro Pro was the winner of the competition for Original Typeface at the EDAwards 2008, which was held in Stockholm, Sweden. This is a complete set of three related superfamilies (sans, serif & slab) with true italics and support for Latin, Greek & Cyrillic.

Supermoto with Blinkers or Off Roader that is Street Legal? Due to their historically underpoweredness and inherent buzz, there are many motorcycle enthusiasts out there that haven ’t considered a Thumper of small displacement as possessing the engine configuration that it would take to tackle an Alaska Highway.

Making It Look Easy: Profile Pictures An easy tutorial for drawing quick profile pictures...it's easier than it looks!

OK, so there you have the first installment today. Please Digg all of these and of course if you do, "me love you long time." haha Have a great day!


RHM said...

Great clip!

I love the quick-hitting style of this blog.

Keep up the good work.

LewP said...

Thanks! It's a labor of love.