Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Death of the DDD

I'm not sure if you are aware, but I've written my last DDD for Digg.
I think they should rename social networking in this case to socialist networking. I feel pretty sure there is a good chance I will permanently banned from Digg for writing my displeasure of Digg for stopping any and all submissions from this blog to Digg. It's a darn shame too. I really liked putting the DDD together each day. We had a run of about 85 editions of it and you can see many on this blog in the archive section.

I got up this morning and read some very good heartfelt comments to it from friends, and now I can't even give it a thumbs up as it's as if the entire thread is frozen by Digg now. I plan to write more about this subject even more as I find the process of ganging up on an old man and his thoughts kind of goofy and over-bearing. The DDD wasn't spam. Yet Digg in it's almighty power says the Digg members said it was so it must be true! What a crock of crap. Hell, let's start our own Digg. kind of ironic the DDD dies the day after George Carlin. He had to wear a muzzle at times himself.

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