Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Bonus DDD - Afternoon Delight!

I haven't had enough. I feel the need to write even more, to produce even more. Welcome to the DDD Afternoon Delight. Answer me a question. I've been toying with the idea of just getting a website to write and write to my heart's desire. Is a website the way to go? Maybe a journal of some sort? I have millions of ideas streaming at once. Not to sound egotistical, but have I gone beyond Digg? As I search for submissions I find myself saying "I could do better than that." Should I just be a Digg castaway and produce more than Digg? Should I concentrate on writing and producing more than being concerned with how many Diggs I have? Just thinking. Any and all communication about this from you would be appreciated. I really feel stuck here.

Let's see what shouts I've gotten since this morning.

Hollywood Courtroom Stinkers(With Video) Some courtroom movies are so bad you actually have to "suspend disbelief" that you actually paid to see them. (Updated)

Replacement Hybrid Battery Costs Plummet In the early part of this decade, some of the biggest worries about hybrids were how could the batteries possibly last, when would they finally give out, and how much would it cost to have them replaced. These days, concerns about batteries have largely faded out of the minds of new car buyers.

Jericho Season 2 Alternate Ending Jericho Season 2 Alternate Ending-

Famous Fitness Models The actual ability to live a healthy lifestyle is much more than a pursuit of a hobbyist. In fact, there are loads of mental and physical benefits that can be derived from proper diet and regular exercise. These famous fitness models pull it off and so can you

Hong Kong Flooded After Worst Rain in 124 Years The rain was so bad that over 8,000 lighting strikes were recorded and at one point over 5.7 inches of rain fell in a single hour, a record high since 1884. The nonstop rain also caused numerous mud slides, like the one below, that poured onto highways and trapping vehicles.

The Great International Chicken Wing Society Cook-Off Founded by Willie "The Chicken Wing King," which has become one of the monumental events that has came to define Reno culture. The 7th annual Great International Chicken Wing Society Cook-Off will be happening in downtown Reno under the Reno Arch July 5-7. July 7th Reno Passport Magazine will be participating in the chicken wing eating contest!

Legions of Super Heroes Grouped by Religious Affiliation What's your favorite Legion?!

So there you have it. I still have the urge to write. Question: Does Digg infatuate a person's idea into thinking they can write, or does the writer/producer attract Diggs? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


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