Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Digg Dynamic Dream

I've been an avid Digg user for some time now and while I've gotten some great experience at it, I'm not an expert at it. The more time I spend on Digg, the more I think about a statement Mark Cuban said in his Blog Maverick once.

Creating content is expensive. The cost of the tools may have dropped considerably, but the value of your time increases every minute you live past the age of 25, or move out of your parents house, which ever comes later. At some stage in your life, you reach a point where Mac and Cheese and free food at happy hour and buying used clothes are disappointments rather than choices. At some stage in your life, asking your friends to work for free is no longer "hanging out", its imposing or freeloading. Its at that point you are going to realize that you are working really hard and scared shitless about whether you will be able to make a living doing what you love. Then it will hit you that you are subsidizing the cost of video advertising inventory for Google or MySpace or whoever, while not being able to make ends meet.

So with that said by Mark Cuban, I wonder if my passion for blogging and Digging is a passion, a hobby, a genuine addiction, or what? I think I may be in some trouble here when I notice my girlfriend outside mowing the yard which is something I used to do as a weekend task. I think something must be up when my dogs have to nudge me away from my computer to get me to let them outside. I Digg at work, home, and it's a darn good thing I don't have a Blackberry or I would never get off-line.

One of my most usable Digg tools is this so I can see who is digging my submissions to Digg. Another of my favorite tools is the Digg Alerter Watchlist from Adamant Solutions The reason I use these tools is to see what stories of mine are being dugg, and to see who is digging them. I'll be honest, nothing is more of a bummer than to Digg friend's stories and learn they never digg mine. I know I have busy days once in awhile so I make a weekly analysis on my friend's activity. I think I have lots of things to post and to say, and if people want to be friends and share and digg that's great. But I just can't take a friend who just expects me to digg and I get nothing in return. I've never quite figured out why people don't go by the digg culture if they sign on to do that.

I am so hooked on blogging I'm always looking for a better way to present my thoughts and ideas here. I am currently trying to figure out how to have a few lines or paragraph on page one and then finish the story on a page two, and i can't seem to figure it out as of yet, but we keep trying to learn and figure it out. The same goes for Digg. I love the idea of promoting stories and thoughts and ideas to the entire world with just a few clicks. I love the sound of my Digg Alert Watchlist when one of my stories or storeys (which is it?)goes popular.

One of the most insane things about Digg are the people who join Digg not to write or submit articles, but to be the bad guy and bury every single thing they read. For some reason I think for those people it gives them a sense of empowerment and they seem to really get off on it. I know there is a way Digg instituted a "block user" function for Digg, but I don't ever seem to be able to get it to work.

Another slight pet peeve I have about Digg are the people who NEVER have anything good to say. It is such a beating to see these people send shouts and I know by their name that this post is going to be a whine and bitch session. I usually just delete the post without even reading the garbage, much less Digg it.

Here is a suggestion for new Digg users. If you want to be someones friend, I would suggest digging a couple of their stories first, so the new friend can really see you are interested in actually digging, and digging their stories. Another suggestion I have is remain active. When I go through my weekly friends activity, if I see someone hasn't been active for 4 days or longer, I remove them from my friends list. I want people who are going to be on digg so they can digg my submissions.

Well there you have it. Just some random Digg thoughts while my car awaits an oil change. I hope you enjoy your Digg experience, but I have to caution you to get your bills paid, mow your yard, tell your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend that you have an addiction, and type away!


Jay Cruz said...

Great post. I think the friends-not-digging-back issue happens to everyone. I'm considering closing my shout box, just because of this reason, even though I pretty much enjoy receiving shouts.

Television SpY said...

they need to work out the shout system, give an allottment of how many shouts you can send.

Lucy said...

Hi. Liked this alot. Very good advice for new diggers. I find too that I am having to weed out people who expect me to digg theirs but do not digg mine back. Its annoying. Anyway, all the best.