Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cuban Vs. Cuban

As many of you know, Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. Mark also has a brother who is an attorney by the name of Brian Cuban who works for Mark.

Now before I get in too much farther, I want to mention they both have blogs that they write. More about their respective blogs shortly, but I want to say up front that I think both Cubans are smart, intelligent, good people. My mission in writing this is not to compare the brothers Per Se, but compare the blogs that each of them write. I don't personally know either, but I do communicate with Brian on about stories occasionally. What I would like to do is discuss how two brothers write completely different blogs. I set out to write this piece with the idea on how two bothers both sharp in their own right, can be so different when it comes to their blogs. I have no desire or intent on pitting brother against brother, and my preferences on writing is simply my own opinion and preferences. You, the reader, may have the opposite opinion of mine, and that's peachy with me.

First, let's talk about Mark's blog, Blog Maverick. To begin with I'll just be candid and say Mark Cuban owns an empire. Billionaires own empires. You can not have that kind of money and NOT be a successful entrepreneur. Certainly Mark Cuban is much more successful than I could ever dream of being, so for me to sit here and judge his blog is almost anti-climatic. But I do have an opinion. People with opinions do count don't we? How many people buy Maverick tickets based on the opinion that the Mavericks will win the next game? So if enough "little people" with opinions like myself think or have the same opinion, that can be a good or a bad thing. With no malice toward Mark, when I read his blog, I almost feel like he's going to jump out of my computer screen and yell at me his point that he is trying to make. It's like I need to accept what he is saying or by God we are gonna have an argument about how stupid I am not to agree with him. I can almost lay a wager Mark doesn't intend to come off that way, but it's like he expects someone to dispute what he is writing about.

Enter Brian Cuban's blog, The Cuban Revolution.
Brian's blog is so much fun to read. Brian's blog gives me the option to feel the way I want to feel on the subject at hand, given two different points of view. I get to choose which side of the table I want to be on. I get to decide which point feels more comfortable to me. Brian's latest article, Cops Are Out For Blood-Can You Refuse? stirred a tremendous amount of responses and really makes you think about whether law enforcement should be able to draw blood from someone who is suspected of driving while intoxicated. What a post and food for thought that was. Instead of the P/E ratio of a stock, we get to feel what would happen if we were in a given situation. I, for one thought it was brilliant.

While I was reading Mark's blog about All your video is belongs to us, I found myself saying "huh"? And going back to re-read what Mark had just said. By the time I got through with Mark's post, I knew why I wasn't a billionaire. I didn't get it. I was lost. With Brian's blog, when I got to the end of the story I knew how I felt and what side of the table I was on.

I understand the Cubans are from Pittsburgh Pa. originally and now live in Dallas obviously. When I read Brian's blog I get the straight to the point, Steeler mentality. Brian states the facts, and I get to decide. With Mark's blog, I either agree with Mark or I'm stupid.


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Brian Cuban said...

Interesting analysis. I tend to look at Mark's blogs as more factual and mine having a more emotional tint to it. The difference in our personalities comes out in our style of writing.

Mark also writes about subject matter he is passionate about and is intimately involved with while I tend to write about anything that stirs my emotions which tend to be legal issues as I am an attorney but I also write more on personal issues than Mark tends to. Again, just a difference in our personalities.

I frankly only go to Mark's blog if a post I am interested in shows up on my newsreader. On the flip side I would be shocked if he has been to mine more than a handful of times. Again, we just have different interests.