Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's going on with strip clubs all of a sudden?

It seems like there has been a rash of news regarding strip clubs lately and I'm not sure what's causing the effect? Let me give you a brief overview:

A) This story today from the Dallas Morning News on how a judge strikes down a measly $5.00 cover charge as unconstitutional is amazing to me. The fee was to help people that were sexually assaulted AND people without health insurance.

B) This story again from the Dallas Morning News about a 12 year old stripper at a strip club.

I know you might say say to yourself that this is "apples and oranges", but the point I want to make is both stories to me or ridiculous for 2 different reasons. How can something be unconstituional if it's already regulated, and how can we split hairs on one thing, and let something so heinous go apparantly unnoticed?

I could also throw in an addtional argument about drinking and driving after leaving a strip club but that may be more than the mind can handle as confusing as the first two stories are.

Look, I'm not trying to regulate how people live their lives. I just think somethings in life are painfully clear and I wonder how it all gets confusing? I wonder if we asked a stripper at a club if he/she has health insurance already how many would say yes? Of course the other side of that argument would be if you make a 1,000.00 a night why would you need health insurance?

Here's what I do know. The clock stops for no man or any law. Sooner or later the stripper has to find other employment when the breasts starts to sag. Pretty looks are fleeting. Where will the insurance be then?

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Avalon said...

Us strippers are smarter than you think.

Yes we get paid nightly in cash.
Yes we purchase our own health insurance.
Yes we report our incomes.
Yes we have SEP-IRAs, rental properties, and brokerage accounts.
Yes we can legally write off our makeup, lingerie, and breast implants.

Yes, we can dance into our 40s because there will always be an older man who feels weird getting a dance from someone his grand-daughters' age.