Thursday, March 27, 2008

Church, the new social club?

Let me state up front I respect everyone's desire to practice whatever religion they desire. I'm not about the business of slamming anyone especially when it comes to something so personal as their religious (or lack thereof) beliefs. But I have to wonder how sincere somefolks are about their so-called beliefs. If someone indicates who they are and what they believe in is sincere, more power to them. If the say they have a certain belief and have ulterior motives, I consider that a con and I'm not into con-artists. I have discovered some people even con themselves and don't even know it.

I happen to know a lady that says she goes to church on Tuesday (choir practice) Wednesday for the mid-week fellowship, followed by a revival by the same pastor. I asked her why didn't the pastor just make the Wednesday night service coincide with the revival, you know, a two-for-one deal? "Oh no" she says "if we had done that then the Mother of the Church would not have had the opportunity to speak. Huh? Mother of the Church? When did that become a position in the Church? Maybe I'm just our of touch with religion but I didn't know churches had that position. Of course I would imagine there needs to be a bunch of folks in leadership in her church seeing as how they took a trip to Kentucky last year for a conference. I didn't have the heart to ask if they went sight-seeing too.

Are churches just a convenient excuse to socialize? I mean seriously, are churches and members like a volunteer fire department where a bunch of folks go hang out waiting for something to happen? And let's take this a step further. Can you imagine a church congregation getting together to plan a trip to Six Flags and oh by the way, let's all endorse a presidential candidate?
Kind of scary if you ask me. We now have rock bands and people partying like hell in the name of religion. I really don't get it. To me anyways, one of the most religious people I knew was really a person that was very meek and studied her Bible daily. I never imagined her on a roller coaster at Six Flags.

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