Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Daily Digg Disappointment (64) Saturday

Good Saturday to you.
There has been some questions (complaints) on why don't I post the DDD on a blog instead of the format I was using. I was just used to writing on the getphpbb bulletin board and was used to that. I found it much easier to post videos and such. So today I thought I would calm fears and try posting the DDD to my blog. I think I need a break let's try it out and take a look at some of your shouts. I will mention that for now, I will post (1) the first link goes directly to the story, and (2) the link to digg that story. Please remember to digg the story if you like it.

Comcast subscribers for sale in 46 of their smallest markets

Ten Top Tips for Saving Gas

Just Married (PIC)

Kobe Bryant to Star in Jackass

Keith Olbermann's on HRC's assassination comment watch!

Linguistic consulting

I am open to suggestions on how to have just the one hyperlink that takes the reader to the Digg post so I don't have to double post here. You can certainly leave a comment..and in fact, I encourage it.

Ooopps, I wanted to add a YouTube, but it looks like I can't directly upload from YouTube..(another reason I liked the BB feature.)

Eternal Youth: How To Stay Beautiful and Energetic with Age

I'm sure there is a better way of doing this.....

IBranding- Apple’s Extreme Makeover, Perception is King

How to get more diggs! The secrets REVEALED!!!

Let's see how this goes on the open market. Please comment and let me know. Thanks and have a great day.

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